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Copper Fact Book

31 December,2015

101 Facts About Copper

The Tell All Copper Snapshot

16 April,2015

Do you know how much copper is in homes, smartphones or wind turbines? Take a look at our latest Infographic & get a surprise.

Facts About Copper

09 April,2015

Click on the link below to found out more on where Copper is used.

Copper Still a Favourite Commodity

21 November,2014

The Sydney Morning herald reports that copper has outperformed other major commodities this year, with demand expected to hold up into next year.

Copper: one of the world’s Healthiest Foods

12 September,2014

Popular nutrition website, World’s Healthiest Foods, provides a great overview of the nutritional value of copper.

Copper: Solving Society’s Challenges

10 September,2014

As the global population expands, and emerging markets continue on the path of urbanisation, new demand for the “red metal” is springing from the world’s growing need for energy, food and disease prevention.

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