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Copper Still a Favourite Commodity

21 November,2014

The Sydney Morning herald reports that copper has outperformed other major commodities this year, with demand expected to hold up into next year.

Copper Statue Hides Time Capsule

30 September,2014

A century old time capsule has been found hidden in a copper lion statue atop a major tourist attraction in the American city of Boston.

Copper: Solving Society’s Challenges

10 September,2014

As the global population expands, and emerging markets continue on the path of urbanisation, new demand for the “red metal” is springing from the world’s growing need for energy, food and disease prevention.

7,000 year old Copper object found

26 August,2014

A seven-thousand-year-old copper object has been discovered in the Middle East, the oldest metal object found to date in the region, university researchers reveal in a recent study

All About Antimicrobial Copper

21 August,2014

Here’s some history about the process of copper becoming registered as an antimicrobial product, including links to relevant websites.

Ancient Copper Plate Found!

01 May,2014

A copper plate dating back to 1655 AD and once owned by a King has been found in the home of the king’s descendants.

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