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Energy Efficiency

AC Gets Its Copper Groove On

26 March,2015

Small diameter & grooved copper tubes are remaking air conditioners and that’s good news for energy efficiency.

Principles of Economic and Energy Efficient Cable Sizing

11 September,2014

In Australia, electrical cable sizing (ECS) practice is guided by AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 3008. These two standards are based on safety rather than for economic and environmental reasoning.

Copper Ducts for Efficient HVAC

04 September,2014

Leading copper manufacturer, Hussey Copper, has launched a new line of copper air conditioning ducts to combat odour-causing mould and mildew.

Broadband Barriers Shattered with Vectoring

18 August,2014

Breakthrough technology enables carriers to significantly broaden the addressable market by doubling premium broadband speeds and extending service reach.

Efficient Appliances and Equipment Partnership

24 July,2014

The International Copper Association has launched a partnership that aims to reduce 2030 global electricity consumption by ten-percent and CO2 emissions equivalent to removing half of the world’s cars from the road.

Mining Potential Unlocked

18 July,2014

The South Australian Government has announced the passing of legislation that will open the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) to potential mineral resource discoveries and developments, estimated to be worth up to $35 billion.

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