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Copper Recycling in Demand

07 October,2014

An electrical manufacturing firm in Sri Lanka has set up modern copper waste recycling plant to tackle the shortage of copper which has hindered the expansion of traditional and small industries in the country.

Recyled Copper benefits Automotive Industry

27 March,2014

Around 40 years’ worth of mineable copper resources remain worldwide at the moment and global consumption for this highly conductive metal is growing pretty fast

Bullets go Green

17 March,2014

The US Army has switched to lead-free environmentally friendly bullets made with a copper core.

Copper & Recycling

18 September,2013

Copper is one of the world’s most useful metals due to its ability to be 100 percent recycled - it can be recycled again and again, without any loss of performance.

Copper for Energy, Health and the Environment

18 September,2013

Copper’s contribution to our lives is many and varied.

Copper Roofing

28 March,2013

Why choose a copper roof? Copper offers a character and durability that no other metal roof can match.

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