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Copper Supercar

10 October,2012

Peugeot’s new supercar built out of copper, carbon fibre and paper is turning heads at the Paris motor show.

Green Energy Boosts Copper Use

04 September,2012

Green energy projects such as wind farms, which use large amounts of copper, are set to grow

Electric Cars rely on Copper

14 August,2012

The recent launch of the Tesla Model S reinforces the prominence of the copper rotor motor in the electric car industry.

Copper in energy efficient motors

31 May,2012

The high electrical conductivity of copper is an important design factor that helps to improve the energy efficiency of motors.

The Drive To Save The Planet

22 April,2011

There will be a lot of contenders for green champions this Earth Day, but one of the most exciting has to be efforts to deliver a practical electric car

Electric Cars Take Off

24 January,2011

Electric cars are taking off as a realistic and environmentally-friendly alternative to petrol-powered vehicles.

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