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About Us

About Us


International Copper Association Australia


The International Copper Association Australia is the peak body for the copper industry in Australia, representing some of the country’s most influential companies in mining, manufacturing, production and recycling.


The Copper Development Centre supports the activities of its members through the promotion of copper here and overseas, and helping to identify and develop new market opportunities, especially in the Asia Pacific region.


By bringing together key industry stakeholders at a senior level, the International Copper Association Australia provides a forum to facilitate the coordination of policy, research, knowledge, marketing and business strategies. Expertise that we make available to everybody right across the copper industry in Australia, from the CEO of a major mining company to the electricians and plumbers working with copper products on a daily basis.


The public face of the copper industry, the International Copper Association Australia also acts as an informed advocate with government, the community and the media, managing a wide range of public information and targeted education. A toll free information line, the Internet and a free, state of the art copper library are just some of the activities that support copper in the community everyday