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John's Blogs

All Change On Climate

13 March,2018

A new roadmap by the Climate Council makes a lot of sense.

We Can Stop Hospitals Making You Sick

28 February,2018

Around 165,000 Australians pick up infections in hospitals every year. That’s a disgrace.

Data Driven Copper

22 February,2018

Copper and technology is a huge topic these days, especially given its capacity to drive demand. And the boom in global data is right on message.

$2.5B for a couple of stadiums but only $1M for Copper exploration ?

14 December,2017

The recent offer by the Queensland Government to provide $1M to support Copper exploration in Queensland is definitely a step in the right direction.

Getting In On The Ground Floor Of Home Tech

28 November,2017

We’re no longer in the land of hope or hype with smart homes. They’re big business and disrupting every part of the home construction market, from builders, cablers & yep, even plumbers.

Has Australia Lost Its Spark?

14 November,2017

2018 is set to be the year the world fully embraces the electric car, says the Economist. Minus Australia unfortunately.

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