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Copper Come Back

16 May,2017

A rapidly changing building market and smarter products are giving copper plumbing a whole new shine says John Fennell.

Copper Heats Up

13 March,2017

Noise free water pipes is just a matter of good designs says John Fennell, CEO of the International Copper Association Australia

When Mixed Material Pipe Systems Collide

05 March,2015

There are some significant issues in the market place affecting the performance of PP-R pipe systems in combination with copper in hot water recirculation systems.

Hydraulic Health Services Design

05 March,2014

This 350-page technical manual is designed to assist the Hydraulic Services Designer with the task of resolving the specialised design requirements of hydraulic services for health care buildings.

If it’s good enough for the Egyptians...

21 June,2013

Every home needs gutters and downpipes so why not choose a material that is environmentally friendly, low maintenance, great looking and has been around for thousands of years.

Copper Piping System Wins Award

10 May,2013

A dual-flow copper piping system that heats water using less power has won Best New Product award at DesignBuild 2013.

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