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Growing Healthier Fish

18 October,2017

Copper nets being used in deep ocean farms are keeping parasites at bay so fish stay healthier.

Copper Destroys MRSA in Touch Contamination

17 February,2016

New research from the University of Southampton shows that copper can destroy MRSA spread by touching and fingertip contamination of surfaces, setting it apart from other antimicrobial surfaces and shedding new light on how it works.

Throwing the book at dirty water...

26 August,2015

A cheap, bug killing “drinkable book” uses copper & silver nanoparticles embedded pages to purify water.

Doctor Copper

16 June,2015

When hospitals started using copper surfaces to stop the spread of germs the industry got a whole new business-and it keeps growing, says John Fennell*.

World First: Antimicrobial Copper Thermometer Launched

09 February,2015

In a world first, Greek company Karabinis Medical S.A. has launched an antimicrobial copper thermometer, with touch surfaces that will continuously kill disease-causing microbes.

Antimicrobial Touch Surface Copper Products

01 February,2015

Australian and New Zealand Suppliers

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