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Copper’s History with the Royal Navy

04 October,2013

Copper plays a part in the history of the many ships gathered in Sydney Harbour for the International Fleet Review 2013.

Copper Alloys Spread Net To Australian Aquaculture

05 March,2013

A South Australian aquaculture company has installed a 16 metre Copper Alloy Mesh net in a bid to improve the way fish pens resist predators and stay clean.

Environmental tick for copper in antifouling

08 July,2012

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of copper Omadine Antimicrobial as an agent to deter the growth of algae and other foulants on ships.

Top Award for Copper Nets

27 February,2012

The development of revolutionary copper alloy net pens for fish farming in adverse weather conditions has taken out first prize in the industrial innovation category of Chile’s innovation award, Avonni 2011.

Around the world with copper mesh

16 January,2012

Copper alloy mesh technology has taken off around the world and is now being used successfully in fish farms in Japan, Australia, Chile and China.

Floating Fish Farms

15 November,2011

A new technology promises to revolutionise sustainable aquaculture by raising healthy fish in their natural environment with minimal environmental impact.

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