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AEM Industry Report Final 2014

11 December,2014

A report of the AEM Forum on near-term opportunities within the Australian electricity market.

World First for Copper

22 July,2012

The world’s first power semiconductor mass production technology using copper wire has begun in Japan.

Nanocable boost for energy storage

07 July,2012

The recent invention of a tiny copper coaxial cable a thousand times smaller than a human hair is expected to be a major benefit for next-generation energy-storage systems.

Copper in energy efficient motors

31 May,2012

The high electrical conductivity of copper is an important design factor that helps to improve the energy efficiency of motors.

Renewable Power

08 October,2010

Renewable energy resource: an energy resource that is replaced rapidly by natural processes.

Copper Roof Technology

30 December,2009

Copper plays the star role in a new roofing technology being used to convert energy from the elements - rain, wind or sunshine - into power for heating houses.

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