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10 October 2017

EE Project Overview

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The key projects within the ICAA Energy Efficiency Program for 2017 are:

1.    Future Networks - Project 1 Overview

1.1. Network losses : Research on the cost of loses in networks with significant renewables. Research by Harry Colebourn was presented at ESAA 2010 winning conference award. This work has formed the basis of an AEMC rule change that come into effect in January 2013: "to add a requirement that the cost of distribution network losses is considered by distribution businesses in preparing their operating and capital expenditure forecasts.

1.2. Networks with significant renewables : The architecture of networks with significant renewables.  Concepts related to the transition of the traditional network that supports the linear flow of electricity from generator to consumer to the assembly and exhange network required where significant renewables are present. Research by John Silgar was presented at CEPSI 2010.

1.3. Investment in electricity supply : Establishing the requirements of incentive policies to promote expansion of international investment in the power industry that are necessary to maintain an efficient competitive electricity market.

1.4. Power quality and reliability : Identifying the key power quality and reliability issues related to the transition to the future network. Report by the Endeavour Energy Power Quality & Reliability Centre.

2.    Residential energy management : The residential energy management forum (REMforum) makes four key recommendations on planning, oversight, standards and codes, and the benefits of REM.

3.    Home infrastructure : Planning and coordination of home infrastructure for energy management, age assisted living, security, entertainment and communications by codes of practice. Our code of practice has been widely adopted by industry.

4.    Device efficiency : Project 1 - Overviews : Studies of improving the efficiency and the effective use of electrical devices including motors, transformers and air conditioners.

4.1. Transformers Overview : Australian sales of transformers to private buyers(other than utilities) represent about 10% of the overall market, with the bulk of these (8%) on grid.

4.2. HVAC Overview : HVAC is responsible for between 36% and 60% of all commercial building greenhouse gas emissions and therefore has attracted significant attention as a potential source of greenhouse gas abatement.

4.3. Electric Motors Overview : Electric motors consume 40% of all electricity used in Australia. Raising the minimum energy efficiency requirements for all electric motors to IE4 levels would increase the sales weighted efficiency by at least 1%.

4.4. RIS Electric Motors in Australia : Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Electric Motors - Draft.

5.    Economic cable size selection :  The selection of electrical cables for residential and commercial buildings on economic considerations in addition to safety based selection. Initial results indicate that net benefits may be realised very quickly, they are equal to some other government initiatives, and that they can be achieved at a substantial negative abatement cost.

6.    Electric vehicles :  A new program for 2012 examines the evolution of the electric vehicle market.

7.    Standards :  The ICAA remains a very active participant in the development of key energy efficiency and energy management standards. The ICAA is contributing to the development of the AS5102 and AS/NZS4755 suites of Australian standards.

8.    Mine & refinery EEO case studies :  The ICAA is contributing to two case studies at the Rio Tinto NorthParkes mine and the Xstrata refinery in Townsville. With project guidance from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism DRET, the project seeks to develop case studies on the benefits due to using premium efficiency electric motors and reducing losses through economic cable sizing in a world class copper mine and refinery.

9.   Future Residential Estates : The ICAA has commenced a new project to quantifiy the likely costs and benefits of various inititatives that may be aplied to future residential estates.

10.   Solar Project : The ICAA is contributing to improving the lifetime economic benefits of distributed solar generation mainly for residential homes.

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