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South Korea Keeps Its Copper

14 November,2017

South Korea has great home broadband speeds & copper is a big reason why.

Home Wiring Essentials Installers Handbook 2016 Edition

21 September,2017

The objective of this Handbook is to provide a how to guide for the INSTALLER to install the minimum cabling requirements to support residential services including those required for energy management.

Code Of Practice for Home Wiring 2016

02 August,2017

The objective of this Code of Practice is to describe the minimum wiring requirements necessary to support residential services, including those for energy management and electric vehicle charging.

Quick Guide for Smart Wiring 2016 Edition

02 August,2017

You don't need to have all the high-tech options that are available right now of course but putting in the right cabling and outlets when building or renovating means the house is set up for whatever comes along.

All Aussie Seebo Digital Entertainment Hub

21 April,2015

Small DIY device is big home entertainment.

NBN Rollout List

03 March,2015

This plan provides an indicative view of scheduled construction work up to June 2016.

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